Clicking On Your Mobile To Find Your Favorite Icon

Today, your mobile screens are that big. So, this is quite convenient then. You are preoccupying your mind for a few moments at your favorite coffee shop. You are enjoying the experience. It has paid off. You were not able to empty your mind of all thoughts to help you to relax, so instead, you turned your attention to inspirational thoughts, ideas and men and women instead. It would not have helped much to still be thinking of everyday affairs.

There is a good reason why this might be your favorite coffee shop. It’s not so much about the coffee, that’s still quite fabulous. Nothing much to do with the folks in the neighborhood either, same faces every day, but not meaning to be ungrateful, this is your time to be alone for a few moments. One of the things that may strike you about your favorite coffee shop is the art work your proprietor has decided to hang up on her wall.

A truly enterprising proprietor could go all the way back in the town’s history and visit an online archive like and pick out some really fine portraits of the town’s forefathers. They came to town when there was pretty much nothing in place. They all had to start from scratch. What a way for you to be inspired, just thinking what sheer hard work can achieve. And there you go, as you take another sip of your coffee, pause for thought as you glance at the yellow daisy placed in a quaint little glass vase just so on your table, you return to your mobile to see what else you can dig up.

Still with the same archives, you can fast forward all the way to the present. Perhaps current events drive you at this time. But even so, a person or place only really becomes an icon once a fine record or legacy has been built. What did that person achieve? And what is the town truly famous for. Gold, diamonds or oil. Or is it famous for its coffee shops and accompanying bistros and late night jazz clubs. And there’s another thing; music icons and Hollywood stars always seem to lift us up.