Brief Online Guide On Gluten Intolerance

Those who have an extreme case of this may just have inherited what is known as the Celiac disease. This is an autoimmune disorder that is considered to be quite a serious case of gluten intolerance. Those who have this condition may already know that it triggers off in the stomach. Those new to this information can note that the body’s immune system is busy having a go at high levels (or any levels for that matter) of gluten.

The body’s immune system attacks the stomach’s lining. Prolonged attacks can damage the small intestine, causing severe nutritional deficiencies. Not even a percentage of the US population suffers from Celiac disease but any form or level of gluten intolerance at different periods can affect just about anybody. There are symptoms that come close to a number of other conditions, mild or extreme.

By now you will have gathered that digestive issues, bloating and diarrhea could be among the symptoms of a gluten intolerance. You are so right. Such symptoms on its own do have a habit of causing headaches. Migraines are a symptom of high levels of gluten intolerance as well. But rashes on the skin are quite common too. Prolonged levels of tiredness and even depression can be a result of a gluten intolerance as well.

gluten intolerance

While bloating and other digestive issues are often related to excessive weight (quite true), a gluten intolerance can also be the cause of excessive weight loss if not treated. Researchers of this condition remain united in their findings that it remains difficult to link the abovementioned symptoms, among others, directly or immediately to gluten. Gluten intolerance is said to be one of the most difficult conditions for medical practitioners to diagnose. 

Those who do suffer from the Celiac disease, however, could be told in no uncertain terms that they will be embarking on a whole new way of life once they finally go gluten free. As quite possibly the only natural and healthy treatment for the disease, embarking on a one hundred percent gluten free diet paves the way towards happiness and comfort as well as overall good health. Enough said then. This much said on gluten intolerance is enough to digest at this time.